Two Comma Club Live

Two Comma Club LIVE virtual conference is back due to popular demand.

If you are an online entrepreneur looking for new business strategies to grow your business, or you are just getting started then the Two Comma Club LIVE is an excellent conference for you.

This is the first-ever virtual conference event (Two Comma Club Live) held by ClickFunnels earlier this year and there were over 5,000 people who attended the online event. Two Comma Club Live Review

People who attended shared their amazing success stories and business strategies.

They get to chance to make business connections and the motivational speech helped them be able to secure and scale their business to the next level. Let’s jump right into Two Comma Club Live Review!


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Two Comma Club Live Review – What Is It Exactly

Two Comma Club Live

The Two Comma Club LIVE is a 3 day live virtual conference host by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels Team.

It is the biggest business conference with over 5,000 attendees and comprises presentations by the most successful entrepreneurs and well-known key speakers such as Prince EA, Tom Bilyeu, Stacey Martino, Alex Charfen, Heather Quisel, and Myron Golden.

The live presentation will give you the idea of how you can excel in today’s online business environment.

With the successful business case study that is going to revealed at the live conference, whether you are building your online business or you already have a business it gives you the idea to craft out your own personalized plan and direction for your business.


Watch The Sneak Preview Here



What You’ll Learn In Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference

Now, let’s see what exactly you will learn in the 3-day session when you attend the Two Comma Club Live virtual conference.

Day#1 Session

The first day of the 3-day virtual conference will start with a presentation by Russell Brunson.

IGNITE – How To Turn Your Spark, Into A FIRE.

In the IGNITE session, you will learn a few main things:

  • How to find your voice and get your message about the things you are passionate about in the world.
  • How to identify your audience as a business or brand.
  • How to get your audience start to find you.

Russell Brunson will be the main speaker on the first day of the conference. You will get to learn and understand yourself and determine who your potential co-workers are, the services or products you want to sell, and how to sell and get your customers to start finding you.

Other key speakers who will reveal different aspects that will contribute to the main topic of the conference on day 1 include Dean Graziosi, Bailey Richer, Natasha Hazlett, Myron Golden, Alex Charfen, and Stacey Martino.


Watch The Sneak Preview Here


Day#2 Session

On the second day of the virtual conference, you will be introduced to the concept of sales funnel that represents the success of most online businesses.

NAIL IT – How To Master The FOUR FUNNELS That Drive 98% Of Sales.

Most people know that building a sales funnel that converts is a challenging and time-consuming task.

In this presentation by Russell Brunson and several key speakers on the second day of the Virtual conference, they will share with you the core funnels that you should focus on that will generate 98% of sales.

These consider as the fundamental concept that you must follow if your goal is to achieve great success in the online marketing space.

Russell and the ClickFunnels team concludes that online success much depends on the four main funnels that you will have to be good at:

  • Lead Funnels
  • Unboxing Funnels
  • Presentation Funnels
  • Phone Funnels

These simple guidelines will guide you to fine-tune your funnels and turn them into high converting sales funnels.

Be sure you stay till the last session of Day 2 where there are some cool bonuses that you can take advantage of such as the Two Comma Club documentary, and The 1% Crazy.


Watch The Sneak Preview Here


Day#3 Session

On Day 3 of the virtual conference, you will learn all aspects of growth, how to scale your business and skillset, be able to handle the new challenges that arise as you grow your business.

SCALE IT – What’s Next, After You’ve Nailed It.

The primary goal here is business growth. On Day 2 you learn how to Nail It, and now you need to have knowledge of upscaling to grow further.

These are steps implement by Two Comma Club Winner to scale their online business from 7 figures to 8 figures in sales and beyond.

In particular, scaling is about mastering two important aspects:

  • How to drive more traffic and bring more people into your business
  • Your own personal development

These are the changes that you personally need to make to handle 7 to8 figure sales challenges. This includes growing a team, customer base, sales processes, and many more.

With the upscaling skill, it lets you increase the capacity to handle bigger-company challenges.

In return you able to:

  • Drive more traffic to your business
  • Hire more employees
  • Train and build an excellent team
  • ​Support and take care of a rapidly growing customer base
  • and many more.

There will be a session with the most amazing presentations from the favorite speakers at Funnel Hacking LIVE!


Watch The Sneak Preview Here


Advantage Of Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference

There are many advantages you will get by attending the Two Comma Club LIVE Conference.

The main advantage would be the invaluable knowledge and information you will gain from the 3-day conference. Usually, this level of information and knowledge costs 20x or more!.

It’s perfectly suitable for people who have no clue and wanted to start an online and to grow their online business to the next level.

The live conference packed with the most successful entrepreneurs in the internet marketing world and speakers with an in-depth understanding of digital marketing and business strategies to grow an online business.

Another advantage would be you can watch it live from the comfort of your home! Without the need to travel and pay for accommodation.


Watch The Sneak Preview Here


Disadvantage Of Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference

The live conference requires technology to able to live stream the event on an actual day. It is possible that there will be a limitation on the number of attendees to serve.

Since the conference is a virtual event there is no human interaction between the attendees and speakers. Thus it makes business networking difficult.


Two Comma Club Live Pricing And Cost Review

Two Comma Club Live ConferenceThe price of Two Comma Club Live full access pass costs $147 if you reserve your spot now.

With $147 you get access to event replays until 11th October 2020.

The live event will take place for 3 days from 28th to 30th September 2020.

The cost is cheaper as it is a virtual event as compared to the cost of a ticket to attend the physical event would cost $997!.

How To Watch It For Free

ClickFunnels team has designed a plan that allows you to watch the live conference using a “free trial” payment method.

This is how it works when you enter your credit card details, choose the option that says “attend the live meeting without being billed”.

Right after the 3 days live conference, you are given a choice to pay if the content is worth it or otherwise.

The live conference will be free, and you need to pay $197 after the conference only if you like the content. If not, you’ll not need to pay.

Does that sound more than fair? If yes, then go ahead and reserve your seat now, by clicking the button below.


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Is Two Comma Club Live Virtual Conference Worth It

To be honest the two comma club live conference is not for everyone.

Who is it for that it is worth every cent?

Well, if you are one of the serious entrepreneurs, with a business-driven mindset, serious entrepreneurs and you want to immerse yourself in internet marketing to grow business online then you would definitely benefit from the conference.

The live conference is jam-packed with invaluable information such as business and internet marketing skills, as well as networking opportunities and personal development.

With the level of information and knowledge, it is sufficient for an individual to start their online business and for business owners to bring their business to a whole new level like never before.


Two Comma Club Live Review: Final Verdict

The Two Comma Club Live Conference Review

I hope you enjoy the post on Two Comma Club Live review, and hopefully, it answers the questions you have about the live conference.

Although there suffices information and resources being shared at the conference to make people be successful in their online businesses, it calls for a significant quantity of self-drive, inspiration, and also desire to be an outstanding individual to be a participant of this event.

Two Comma Club live conference is less costly than ever before. By are going live virtually, which has substantially lowered the expense of getting and also taking advantage of the information being shared at your home’s convenience.

Furthermore, Two Comma Club live conference consists of a group of specialists from numerous areas. The speakers are well prepared and are well versed in their areas of competence.
If you are an enthusiastic person with a severe desire for success in online business, then the Two Comma Club live conference is where you should be.

The live event enables you to delight in as well as gain from exceptional content at your home’s comfort with your loved ones free of charge.


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