ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount

ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount is a highly searched query on the internet.

There are several pricing plans you can choose when you signed for a ClickFunnels Free Trial.

I also going to cover how you can get discounts on ClickFunnels monthly fee.


ClickFunnels Pricing Structure Explained

ClickFunnels has a reasonable pricing structure that made up of the basic plan and the platinum plan.

Depending on the plan you choose, both of the plans come with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL.

The ClickFunnels basic plan costs $97.00 a month, and ClickFunnels platinum plan costs $297.00 a month.

Under the platinum plan, you get all the features of the Basics plan, on top of that it comes with email responder Actionectis as well as Backpack for managing an affiliate program.


ClickFunnels Secrets Discount Special Offer

One of the methods to get a secret discount and huge savings that not many people do not know about is to sign up for ClickFunnels Secrets Workshop Bundled at the end of the masterclass.

Under this special offer, assuming that you going to take the Platinum plan that costs $297 a month, you will get a huge savings of $130!

This means that instead of paying a fixed subscription of $297 a month that will cost more in a year,

you will pay $166 a month for 6months access to ClickFunnels Platinum.

In addition, you get plus other cool bonuses such as

  • Virtual DAILY Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s
  • 10X Secrets Mastery Program
  • Traffic Secrets / Ad Skills


ClickFunnels Pricing: What Is ClickFunnels Exactly

Understanding the ClickFunnels pricing plans is important to help you decide which plan suits your business requirements.

Before you sign up for ClickFunnels, in order to help you get the most out of ClickFunnels it is important to find out what ClickFunnels and sales funnel are all about.

It is essential to recognize what sales funnel is and how ClickFunnels features can help you maximize the features under each plan that you can leverage on those features to significantly improve your online business.



A Sales funnel is an assisted sales path that a potential client experience your sales procedure. Sales funnel will guide possible consumers through your sales procedures that created with the function to cause a conversion or sales.

Unlike a salesman, sales funnel operates 24/7 as well as helps to produce conversion or sales while you are away. It’s like an automatic sales process runs without having you be there to attend the visitors.

It has the major function which is to assist businesses to transform visitors into leads, and then to paying clients.


Click Here To Watch ClickFunnels Demo


A conversion is not always require to be in Sales, it also can indicate list building that can be achieved by having individuals to optin into a subscriber list, download a e-book, register as well as a scheduled webinar or can just be totally making purchase transaction.ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount

The generally recognized sales funnel steps are Upsell, Downsell, and also One Time Offer (OTO). Customers are being shown various offers at different steps of the funnel. This relying on the activities they take as they move with the funnel.




Create High Converting Sales Funnel In 30days

One Funnel Away Challenge is a training program created by ClickFunnels where you are provided a step by step coaching to help you create and launch your first Coaching Funnel totally from scratch in JUST 30 days!.

In the training, you will lead by the world-class Trainers Russell Brunson and Coaches Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to help you Customize and IMPLEMENT your plan in just 30 days.


Click Here To See What’s Inside One Funnel Away Challenge.


Russell Brunson will train you with NEW videos created and structured for this specific challenge. He’ll lay the solid groundwork, so you can master the CORE fundamentals and strategy behind your customized 30-day plan. It’s important to not just do the daily tasks, but to understand the “bigger picture” of what you’re doing over the 30 days, and why.


Julie Stoian will help walk you through the process and the “how to” of turning your abstract customized 30-day plan into an actual funnel that’s built, and up and running. She’s a master at transforming business ideas from the initial “vision” phase, to reality.


Stephen Larsen will coach you daily on LIVE group calls! This is where you can get your questions answered if you need extra help on completing your daily tasks.

Consider Stephen your supportive (but no-excuses) accountability partner! He’s not afraid to “hold your feet to the fire” and make you stay accountable to getting your tasks DONE!



Importance Of Sales Funnel Stages Explained

The Need To Create customer awareness

Awareness is the most important step in all sales funnel. You need to make aware of your potential customers to know about the product or services you have created. In this aspect, ClickFunnels provide all sorts of marketing supports that you can leverage on to create awareness about your brand.


Importance of Customer Interest

This happens when potential customers clicking on your landing pages or sales pages or is that they provided their particulars such as email addresses through the opt-in page you created. ClickFunnels able to support in this aspect by creating all sorts of lead generation funnel.ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount


Create An Irresistible Offer For Customers

When your customers have shown their interest, the next step is to make sure you have created a relevant offer that will lead to customers buying from you.


Customer Taking Action

This could be in the form of providing their personal details such as names, email addresses, phone numbers through the pre-sell pages you created. And with the offer created at the backend, in most cases, it will lead to a sale.



Exactly How Does ClickFunnels Work

ClickFunnels allows you to choose and create any types of funnels such as :

  • Squeeze Page
  • Landing Page Funnels
  • Products Launch Funnel
  • Automated Webinar Funnel
  • Video Sales Funnels
  • Membership Site



Whether you remain in E-commerce, Selling Information Products, Coaching and Consulting, Agency and Freelancer, Networking Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Non Profits, Small Business, there are funnels for every situations.

There are hundreds of sales funnel templates available to choose from. With an easy click your funnel is ready in less than 10 secs. You can after that customize the funnel according to your needs and also your funnels is readied to go live with a push of’publish’ button.ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount



ClickFunnels Pricing Plans And Features

Here is an overview of the available features:

  • Opt-In page
  • Upsell and Downsell Pages
  • Custom Domain
  • A/B split Testing
  • Email Integrations
  • Exit Pop up
  • Share Your Funnels



ClickFunnels Platinum Plan Integrated With Email Responder

ClickFunnels platinum package comes with Actionetics. An email auto-responder which build on the sales funnels you have created.

It allows you to communicate with your clients after they may have gotten to a certain stage of the sales funnels you have created. With Actionetics you can import your contact listings utilizing the import contact functions.


Click Here To Watch How Actionectics Works


Actionetics do more than that, rather sending automated emails which could cost extra you can use this automated device to organize your email contacts based on where they are currently in the funnels.

You can attain these making use of tags. These aspects classify the customers by their rate of interest, their last products acquisition and their interactions with your sites.



Share Funnel Feature & Shared Funnel Plan

With this shared funnel feature, you basically can share and send the funnel that you build in ClickFunnels to someone else. Is it a cool feature where you can duplicate the entire funnel (all the steps) by sending a unique share funnel link to someone else.

And by clicking the link, the other person will be hooked up with a ClickFunnels account and the funnel will be loaded into their ClickFunnels Account.



ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels offers a financially rewarding affiliate program where they pay affiliates as much as 40% recurring commission.

By recommending ClickFunnels software others, it will help you to offset your own ClickFunnels software monthly subscription fees.

There are different ClickFunnels items that you can promote to make the payment such as you can sell guides or the ClickFunnels subscriptions.

If you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, they will reveal you exactly how to end up being a successful as well as a profitable affiliate within 1 month.



Conclusion: ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount

I hope you enjoyed reading the post on ClickFunnels Pricing Explained Plus A Secret Discount. Based on the analysis, ClickFunnels is a much better alternative compared to the competition.

ClickFunnels has a range of features as well as features and most significantly it has a stable software program that is without bugs and also errors.

And also the reality is that a lot of ClickFunnels users remain with ClickFunnels result from its advancing software program that has continue improvement and also new features.

It most definitely a value for money for entrepreneurs.


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