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In this post we compare the two popular sales funnel builder ClickFunnels and Learnybox. This post will discuss why most people perfer ClickFunnels and why it is a better option compared Learnybox. Based on personal experience both the softwares provide similar functions and features.

Both of them have fast and responsive web-based service with minimum downtime and technical glitch. Ready and all in one tool for people who wish to sell their products and services online.

Before we dive in, it is important to understand what is sales funnel and how it can dramatically improve your online business. ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox

A Sales funnel is a guided sales path that a potential customer go through in your sales process. Sales funnel will guide potential customers through your sales processes that created with the purpose to trigger a conversion or sales. Unlike a salesperson, sales funnel works 24/7 and helps to generate conversion or sales while you are away. It’s like an automated sales process operates without having you be there to serve the visitors. It has the main purpose which is helping businesses to turn visitors in to leads, and then paying customers.

A conversion is not necessarily need to be in Sales, it also can mean lead generation that can be achieved by having people to opt into a mailing list, download a e-boo, register and a scheduled webinar or can just be purely making purchase transaction.

The commonly known sales funnel steps are Upsell, Downsell, and One Time Offer (OTO). Customers are being shown different offers at different steps of the funnel. This depending upon the actions they take as they move through the funnel.ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox



ClickFunnels is co-founded by Russell Brunson know as the ‘King of Sales Funnel’. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder software created to specifically designed to help people (business owners and online marketers) to create and incorporate sales funnels in their online business.


ClickFunnels Vs Kyvio


How Does ClickFunnels Work

Whether you are in E-commerce, Selling Information Products, Coaching and Consulting, Agency and Freelancer, Networking Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Non Profits, Small Business, there are funnels for each cases. There are hundreds of sales funnel templates available to choose from. With a simple click your funnel is ready in less than 10 secs. You can then customize the funnel according to your requirements and your funnels is set to go live with a push of `publish’ button.ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox

ClickFunnels allows you to choose and create any types of funnels such as :

  • Squeeze Page
  • Landing Page Funnels
  • Products Launch Funnel
  • Automated Webinar Funnel
  • Video Sales Funnels
  • Membership Site


ClickFunnels Vs Kyvio

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ClickFunnels Functions and Features

Here is an overview of the available features:

  • Custom Domain
  • A/B split Testing
  • Email integrations
  • Exit Pop up
  • Upsell and Downsell Page
  • Share Funnels

Build In Email Auto-responder (Actionectics)

ClickFunnels platinum package comes with Actionetics. An email auto-responder which build upon the sales funnels you have created. It allows you communicate with your customers after they might have reached a certain stages of your sales funnels you created. With Actionetics you can import your contact listings using the import contact features.ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox

Actionetics do more than that, instead sending automated emails which might cost extra you can use this automated tool to group your email contacts based on where they are currently in the funnels. You can achieve these using tags. These elements label the customers by their rate of interest, their last products purchase and their interactions with your sites.


ClickFunnels Vs Kyvio

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Share Funnel Feature & Shared Funnel Plan ($19/mo)

With this shared funnel feature you basically can share and send the funnel that you build in ClickFunnels to someone else. Is it a cool feature where you can duplicate the entire funnel (all the steps) by sending a unique share funnel link to someone else. And by clicking the link, the other person will hooked up with a ClickFunnels account and the funnel will be loaded into their ClickFunnels Account. If your account is created under the Shared Funnel Plan, the cost to of having the ClickFunnels account is USD19.00. Click here to get the Shared Funnel Plan at USD19.00 a month.


How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost

There is a 14DAY FREE TRIAL. There are two option for you to choose from the ClickFunnels Basic package and ClickFunnels Platinum. Both priced at USD97.00 per month and USD297.00 permonth ( comes with build-in auto responder, Actionectis and Backpack(for managing affiliate program). It’s definitely worth it compare to other alternatives.ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox



LearnyBox is a web-based software application created in France. It is specially designed for people how are consultants, therapist, trainers, professors, entrepreneur and infopreneur who wish create and sell products or services online as well as to automate the entire the process so that they can focus on the core business area.


What Are The Functions Available In LearnyBox

You can easitly create your trainings, manage your members and their progression inside the membership arears.
Able to send your files, copy and paste, modify your modules according to your preference.
And you are ready to get new customers.


Website And Blogs
With the ease of this feature, now you can create, customize and manage wesites whether
it is a blog post, pages and articles. Schedule it for on time posting and more.


Lead Generation and Email Sequence
Like most people say The fortunate is in the follow up. Whit this integrated autoresponder
you able to capture email addresses though opt-in pages. You could the send newsletters and latest updates
about your products and service and products. Make close follow up through creating email sequences.


Sales Funnels
Quite simialrt to ClickFunnels. LearnyBox allow you to create funnels for your business.
Apart from that you can track every sales and customer contacts.
Have new product launches? With LearnyBox you can optimize your launch to generate sale of your new products.


Enjoy the hassle free to create and manage online meetings and dicussion in order to communicate your marketing message
to sell effectively.


Automate your sales without having to conduct sales pitch multiple times by creating automated webinar. Whit this
you could literally automate the entire sales process.



LearnyBox Pricing

It offered 3 level of plans that you can choose which are, Learny Discovery (FREE), Learny Infopreneur, and Learny Expert. The pricing for each is  at  €0/mo, €99/mo and €299/mo respectively.

ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox


Based on the comparison, ClickFunnels is better option over LearnyBox.  ClickFunnels has variety of functions and features and most importantly it has a stable software that is free from bugs and errors.

And the fact is that most ClickFunnels users stay with ClickFunnels are due to its evolving software that has continue improvement and new features. It definitely a value for money for business owners.

ClickFunnels Vs Learnybox



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