Student Resources

General Studio Rules

1. Street shoes must be removed upon entering the studio. Students and family are welcome to place their belongings on the golden chairs.
2. No food or drink allowed aside from at the golden chairs along the wall. Students may drink water from a tightly sealed container/bottle during class. No glass containers are allowed inside the main studio.
3. Be courteous toward others using the space. Circus Maine is meant to be a cooperative, supportive environment in which people can train and learn. It’s not a competition.
4. Ask permission before offering feedback to others training in the studio. If a person says they do not want feedback, respect their wishes.
5. Don’t teach in the space ‐ absolutely no teaching of students by students. Skill‐sharing among advanced level students who are enrolled in Circus Maine classes is allowed; teaching new skills to less experienced students is not.
6. Coaches have final say in all matters regarding safety.
7. Return all equipment to the state in which you found it. If you move mats, move them back. Return rosin, therabands, etc., to where they are stored.
8. Tape over any cuts or abrasions, even if they seemed closed, to prevent bleeding on the equipment. If you do bleed on something, notify the supervising coach immediately.
9. Treat the equipment as if it is your own. Carry or roll mats instead of dragging them. Wear the proper clothing for training (see below). Keep hands and feet as clean as possible. Wear deodorant! The gear will last longer if we all take care of it.

Registration, Payment, and Payment Plans

Group Classes
1. To register for a class, students must create an account with Jackrabbit (our registration system) here. Once a student registers for a class, they have committed to paying for and attending the class, whether they elect to pay online via credit/debit or to pay in studio with cash or check. If a student registers but does not show up for a class, they will still be charged the full price of the class unless they contact Circus Maine via email at to drop the class. Refunds may not be available if a student needs to drop the class. See the Cancellation and Refund policy for more information.
2. Adult classes are open to all students ages 16+. Students may drop‐in to any classes with “Intro” in the title, no prior experience in circus, tumbling, etc is required. Students may be able to drop‐in to higher level classes with prior permission from the coach.
3. Students registering for classes at higher skill levels (“Intermediate” or higher) must have prior approval from Circus Maine staff before signing up for classes. Returning students receive level recommendations from their coaches prior to registration. Students who are new to Circus Maine but not new to circus and who wish to enroll in a class above Intro or Foundation level must first schedule a private lesson with the coach to evaluate their readiness for that class by contacting . Discounting for this evaluation is at the discretion of the Circus Maine coach doing the evaluation.
4. If a student registers for a class above the Intro or Foundation level without explicit approval from Circus Maine staff, and Circus Maine staff determines that they do not meet the pre‐reqs for that class, the student will be un‐enrolled without refund or they will be placed in the appropriate class. Any extra cost will be paid by the student.
5. By default, the full price of registration is due before or on the first day of the class session. If you are unable to pay the full amount up‐front, we have two payment plans available: A) 50/50 Plan. 50% of the registration price is due upon registration, the remaining 50% is due halfway through the class session. B) Monthly installments. 25% of the registration price is due upon registration, the remaining 75% is due in equal payments on the first of each month. Regardless of whichever payment plan is chosen, the full price of registration must be paid off before the end of the class session. If there is an outstanding balance, the student will not be allowed to register for future classes until the balance is paid in full.
Private Lessons
6. Students must pay in full at least a week in advance of the lesson date to secure a private lesson. Students scheduling on shorter notice must pay immediately upon registration. Payment plans are not available for private lessons.
Workshops/Special Events
7. Students must pay in full upon registration to guarantee a spot in a workshop.

Cancellation and Refunds

Group Classes
1. Students who wish to drop out of an entire session after they have registered, but before the first day of the session, will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. After the first day of the session, no refunds will be given. Exceptions are made only for cases of injury or extraordinary circumstances, and only when a student contacts Circus Maine promptly to request a refund. All exceptions are at the discretion of Circus Maine management.
Private lessons
2. Students will only receive refunds for cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance. The only exceptions are due to extreme weather, injury, or extraordinary circumstances. All exceptions are at the discretion of Circus Maine management. No refunds will be issued for no‐show/no‐contact.
3. Students are encouraged to reschedule whenever possible instead of cancelling private lessons. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule your private lesson.
Workshops/Special Events
4. A 50% refund is available until one week before the event, after which time no refunds will be given. The only exceptions are due to sudden injury or extraordinary circumstances, and only when a student contacts Circus Maine promptly to request a refund. All exceptions are at the discretion of Circus Maine management. No refunds will be given on the date of the workshop or after.

Snow and Weather‐Related Closures
1. Circus Maine will announce class cancellations due to weather at least 2 hours before class start time.
2. Cancellations will be posted on the Circus Maine Facebook page, and we will email all students on the rosters for the affected classes.
3. In the event of a weather‐related cancellation, students will receive a make‐up class to be used in accordance with the missed class policy.

Missed Classes and Make‐Up Policy
1. If a student knows they will miss a specific class date, they must contact us prior to the start of the session to receive a pro‐rate for the session. Any discounting after the session starts is at the discretion of Circus Maine staff.
2. Students in a class that was cancelled and have a make‐up, are able to come to Open Gym on Sundays 2‐4PM twice at no cost. Please check in with the staff member at the front desk when you arrive at Open Gym to claim your free training.

Drop‐In and Late Registration Policy
1. Intro, Fitness, and Foundation classes are open to anyone at any time during the session for drop‐in’s. All other classes you must register, or have coach permission to drop‐in. If you are enrolled in a higher level class in that discipline, you are able to drop‐in to lower level classes in that specific discipline. Contact us at if you are unsure whether or not you are able to drop‐in to a given class.
2. Drop‐in fees are to be paid at the time of the drop‐in class.
3. Students who are new to Circus Maine but not new to circus arts must email to arrange a skill evaluation before attending classes. If a student purchases a drop‐in for a class that they are not approved to take, the student will not be allowed to participate and no refund will be granted. Approval for drop‐in is at the discretion of the respective coach.
4. Students who register for a class after the first week of the session are required to take a private lesson to assess their skill level and catch them up to the class; exceptions can be made with coaches’ permission. Intro, Fitness, and Foundation classes may be joined mid‐session without a private lesson.


1. Clothing for all classes must not have zippers, ties, or hooks that may get caught on fabric, hair, or skin.
2. Clothing that is stretchy and comfy but not baggy is recommended for all classes. For aerials classes, coverage of knees, armpits, and waist is required. Check to be sure leggings and tights are opaque when stretched, or layer shorts on top of tights/leggings.
3. Supportive undergarments, including sports bras and dance belts/compression shorts or briefs as appropriate, are recommended for all ground and aerial acrobatics classes.
4. Prepare to remove all jewelry, tape over any body piercings, and put long hair up in a bun. Long finger‐nails should be trimmed.
5. Chinese Pole classes require pants, bring a long‐sleeve shirt, and flat rubber‐soled shoes. We recommend beginners purchase Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Art shoes from They run about $20 including shipping.

Rigging and Equipment
1. Coaches are not to advise students on rigging aerial apparatuses. All students who wish to rig apparatuses elsewhere are encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified aerial rigger.
2. Students may not touch any rigging unless specifically given permission by a coach.
3. Students are allowed to rig their own apparatuses only with the express permission and under the supervision of a coach. No other students are to use that equipment without permission of the equipment owner, and the apparatus must be taken down after use.

Group Class Policies

1. Students may arrive 15 minutes prior to class to sign in and change. Students must wait at the golden chairs until their class begins. Students may not use the equipment before or after the class.
2. Because warming up and stretching are important, students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will be allowed to watch and stretch on the ground, but may not be allowed to participate in class. Participation is at the discretion of the respective coach.
3. Class levels are based on mastery of skills, progressions, and concepts that students must demonstrate before moving on to the next level. One session does not equal one level. Many students will spend several sessions in one level; everyone moves at a different pace, and a lack of advancement does not mean you’re not learning! Speak with the coach to determine whether or not you are ready to move into the next level class.
4. Students may not take video of other students or of the coaches without explicit permission from the coach and of everyone who will be filmed. Students are welcome to take video of themselves with coach permission. The process of filming may not impede the progress or safety of the class.
5. Leave the coaching to the coaches. We know you want to be helpful, but it can be off‐putting to receive unsolicited coaching from another student in the class. Even if you are correct with your notes, please let the coach be the one to give the notes. Feel free to follow up with the coach at a later time and ask if the corrections you had in mind we accurate instead of during class.
6. Any student whose behavior is antagonistic, negative, or otherwise disrespectful towards fellow students or coaches will be asked to leave.

Private Lesson Policies

1. Students are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before their lesson to warm up. You may use the black carpet bonded foam mats to begin warming up and/or stretching. However, students may not use any of the equipment (aerials, trampoline, chinese poles, handstand canes etc) without a coach.
2. Students are welcome to take video of themselves as long as it does not impede the safety or progress of the lesson. Students may not take video of the coach without explicit permission.