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Parent & Child Partner Acrobatics

Fall 2017

Our parent and child partner acro class offers a chance for parents and kids alike to learn circus skills through play. In this fun, silly and entertaining class students will explore ways to safely move our bodies through space with the help of a partner. Students will develop skills in coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and communication all while having a fun time. No experience is necessary for this class: only a willingness to try something new! Come discover fresh possibilities for physical and mental fitness together.
NOTE: Registration covers ONE person. You must register each individual (parent and child) for the class. Children and parents must register together. Adults are not allowed to register without their own children in the class. Children are not allowed to register without their own parent or legal guardian in the class.

Days: Thursdays
Times: 5:00PM – 6:00 PM
Class Dates: 9/7/17 – 12/14/17
Ages: 4-60
Cost: $100.00