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Mime For Adults

Fall 2017

Mime is the use of the body to communicate. The only universal language, spoken and understood around the world, not only by humans, but by every sentient species, is Body Language. Mime is the study of that Language. Anyone wishing to communicate with another living being already possesses a fundamental understanding of body language. The task is to become more aware of it, and to use that language intentionally and purposefully. Like any verbal language, the bulk of knowledge lies in vocabulary. The larger the verbal or gestural vocabulary, the better ones command of a language. And grammar, as always, counts. The ability to communicate is a very useful tool not only to the actor or the clown, but to anyone, all the time. The chief goal is to help students increase their movement vocabulary, and provide them with means to continue to expand that vocabulary in the future.

Days: Wednesdays
Times: 6:30PM – 7:30 PM
Class Dates: 9/6/17 – 12/13/17
Ages: 16-60
Cost: $245 (17.5 / hour)
Drop-In: $25