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Clown Skills

Fall 2017

In Clown classes, students will learn how to create characters through movement, improvisation, mask, imitation, costume, and memory. As students investigate character, the search for their own, personal clown(s) begins. In working with variety skills (juggling, magic, mime, etc.) and with Slapstick or Physical Comedy skills, we find the tools of the Clown that will enable performers to present an altered or skewed reality which is conducive to presenting the Clown’s perspective to an audience. Topics covered include slapstick, character, timing, mask, props, research, creation, and improvisation. This class is great for students coming from a physical or theatre background.

Days: Monday
Times: 6:30PM – 7:30 PM
Class Dates: 9/11/17 – 12/11/17
Ages: 10-60
Cost: $225 (17.3 / hour)
Drop-In: $25