Q: Do I need prior experience to take a class?


A: No! We love working with both youth and adults who are exploring circus for the first time. Many of our offerings – our General Circus Arts class in particular – are geared for those who have never had the opportunity to study circus arts before, and are designed to allow both the freedom to discover your passion, as well as the structure to develop a strong foundation in core skills.

Q: How can I arrange a private lesson?

A: If you are interested in taking a private lesson with one of our staff of experienced circus coaches, please contact us at office@circusmaine.org.  We will be in touch with you to arrange a session with a coach most appropriate to your goals, ability level, and discipline.  You can visit our “Learn” section to find out more about pricing and scheduling.

Q: I think I’m ready for advanced training; how can I take my training further?

A: At Circus Maine we make sure to offer introductory, intermediate, and often also advanced levels of courses.  If you feel you are ready for advanced training, we have avenues for you to accelerate your skills.  The first step is to schedule an assessment of your skills and goals with our coaching staff.  Our coaches will work with you to find out your experience level, core training needs, and focused plan of action.  Our advanced classes and programs are filled by invitation (or audition) in order to ensure that advanced-level students are not only prepared to meet their goals, but well-matched for collaborative training such as partner acrobatics, adagio, and duo act development.  An assessment is the starting point for application to our advanced-level offerings.

Q: I want to learn a particular discipline but I don’t see it advertised on your site; what can I do?

A: Don’t see something you want to learn?  Tell us about it!  Chances are we have the class you’re looking for in development – and if not, your request will help us to ensure that we are working on it.  Classes by popular demand are added to every new session; make sure you get your request in!  And if you don’t want to wait for a class to be added, talk to us about arranging private lessons or workshops in the discipline of your choice.

Q: What should I wear to classes?

A: Good question!  We are very proud that our space is one of the coziest in New England – with state-of-the-art radiant heated floors, and energy efficient heating and cooling, training at Circus Maine is comfortable, even in the heart of winter.  However, we encourage you to dress in layers at all times:  once you work up a sweat, the last thing you want is to get cold – that’s an instant pulled muscle!  Layers can include loose fitting sweatpants, yoga pants, tights and leg warmers; as well as long-sleeved thermal shirts, sweatshirts and tee shirts.

Q: What is the difference between Residency Training, Open Gym, and Juggle Jam time?

A: Residency Training is an open training session during set times each day of the week, and by invitation only.  Residency Training time is specifically designed for those students who are working at an advanced level, and need un-coached time to develop or run through an act and build skills.

Open Gym is also un-coached, free training time – but you don’t have to have an invitation to Open Gym!  Simply show up and register at the reception desk, and you’re good to go! Open Gym time runs from 2 – 4 pm on Sundays; occasionally, we have to suspend Open Gym when we have a performance or event, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Website – and be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

Juggle Jam follows Open Gym, from 4 – 5:30 pm on Sundays, and is once again open to the public – just register at the reception desk and join the fun!  Juggle Jam is a great way to connect with other jugglers from around New England, explore and learn new skills.  There is a suggested donation and just like Open Gym, we may occasionally have to suspend the Jam in observance of a performance or event.

Q: Class is already underway; have I missed my chance to sign up?

A: Don’t assume you can’t join a class because it’s already underway.  If you want to join a class, please ask us – chances are we can integrate you into the session without any problem.


Q: I want to train to build a professional circus career, how can I do that?

A: Circus Maine is currently offering its Professional Level Training Program.  Together, the Foundations and Fundamentals Program and the Apprenticeship Program create our PLTP with a focus on building the skills students will need in order to build a circus career.  If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to corytabino@circusmaine.org.

Q: Do you have a makeup policy if a class is cancelled due to bad weather, etc.?

A: Yes, we have a Make-Up policy.  Please refer to our Student Resources page about Make-Ups and other policies.

Q: What happens if I drop a class?

A: Please refer to our Cancellation and Refunds policy in our Student Resources page.

Q: Can I rent the Circus Maine facilities for an event or party?

A: Absolutely!  Our facilities are regularly rented for such events as weddings, parties, and conferences.  We work with our clients to create a unique environment for every event – such as the recent TEDx Dirigo conference or the Cole Haan private event produced by Kingspoke.  In addition to facilities rentals, we are also able to provide performances, as well as recommendations for everything from catering to cocktails.  Send a note to events@circusmaine.org about your planned event, and let’s get started!


Q: I am a circus professional interested in hosting a workshop at your facility. Who do I speak with?

A: Circus Maine is always on the lookout for great workshop ideas.  If you are a coach in circus or a related discipline, and think you have something to contribute to our school, please reach out to us via office@circusmaine.org with a brief proposal of your workshop idea, proposed date and length of the offering, and if at all possible, video footage of your previous workshops and coaching technique.  We look forward to meeting you!