Spring 2017

Session Begins On:
March 27th & Ends On: June 9th

Please Note There Will Be No Classes On: 
April: 14th – 22nd

Before registering please double check this page for any prerequisites or special equipment needs.


Drop-In Rates:

Other than Adult Fitness Classes, Circus Maine will allow students to drop-in to a class only once per session per class.  Once you have used this drop-in you are welcome to enroll for the remainder of the session and we will apply your drop-in amount to the total fee.  In order to sign-up as a drop-in we will need you to register and enroll in the class as a “Trial”. Observations can be made throughout the session where you can discuss joining past your first drop-in directly with the instructor.

$30 Classes:
Adult Aerial Foundations

$25 Classes:
Adult Fitness
Adult Handbalancing
Adult L-Basing & Low-Flying
Adult Tumbling
Mime For Adults
Clown For Adults
Wall Trampoline
Youth Aerial Foundations
Youth Handbalancing
Youth Tumbling
Youth Clown

$20 Classes:
Youth Introductory General Circus Arts
Youth Intermediate General Circus Arts
Youth 5-7 Introductory General Circus Arts
Parent & Child Partner Acrobatics
Parent & Toddler Circus